Circle of Friends Event

Circle of Friends was the theme of yesterdays event and it was exactly that.
The warmth in the room from so many women supporting each other and connecting was so moving.
As Barbara from @mspacemalahide put it earlier “The arms of friendship in business were extended to over 200 female entrepreneurs in the most raw, open and honest way”
Barbara & Carol Ann @mspacemalahide you done an incredible job bringing everyone together in a perfect setting. I am forever grateful to you both for welcoming me in to your circle.
The panel of woman were amazing, I could have sat and listened to you all day. I have learned so much from you all and I definitely made some new friends in you ladies
@thepractical.psychologist @godigicardireland @supercalmsensoryproducts
And of course, a massive thank you to @leofingal for always supporting our business and helping us to be the business we are today.. And thank you for always believing in us..
I have connected with so many people that were there yesterday and it was great to chat on here today.. I look forward to seeing you all at the next events.. x
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