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What started in early 2018 as Amy and her eldest daughter, Taighlor, dabbling with some wax melts in her kitchen unexpectedly transformed into a fully-fledged business. From the outset, it was a hobby, a creative outlet for the Mum-of-five as she stayed home to raise her children, it didn’t start as a business idea.

The Lightbulb

The lightbulb moment came one evening as she began doing more research into the world of fragrance and wax melts. Amy found some beautiful vessels online that now house her stunning candles. Speaking about this time, Amy describes it as exciting and that she felt that entrepreneurial fire in her belly. These are now one of the brand’s signature products and provided Amy with the confidence that she could turn this hobby into a business.

Before This

Before this lightbulb moment, Amy was committed to being a stay at home Mam.

Before this lightbulb moment, Amy was committed to being a stay at home Mam. Making the decision to leave her job as a Corporate Account Manager in 2011 to have baby number three was something she was happy to do. Taking a step back from her career was extended when she, and her husband Marc, decided to have a fourth child. This was something the couple were back and forth on for some time, and when they made up their minds, went for a scan and heard the words; “do twins run in your family?” Amy says this is a moment you never forget, life loves to throw us curve balls, and this was certainly unexpected. Given that their family of five was changing almost overnight to a family of seven it was a huge adjustment to make, so it makes total sense that the idea of starting her own business wasn’t that daunting in comparison!

February 2019

The Little Wax Company officially became a business in February 2019 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. What started in Amy and Marc’s kitchen, stayed there for some time as she made, poured, packaged and sent out all the orders from the family home. The kitchen, utility room and living room had all been given over to making the products with orders coming in thick and fast. Amy recalls the kids not even being able to get into the kitchen for a slice of toast (at least not one that didn’t taste like fragrance) and their new dining table sitting, unused as it was covered in wax melts. At the peak of their orders, while the business was based at home, Amy shares that the kids were eating in their bedrooms and every single surface was covered with products.

During Lockdown

During lockdown in 2020, it was particularly difficult as nobody in the family had any escape as everyone was at home, things had to change, and fast. This summer, The Little Wax Company took the leap and moved into it’s own premises in North County Dublin, which means the family can finally return to fragrance free meals at home! At the beginning of her business journey, Amy revealed she found it difficult to share her intense workload with anyone, as she had her own systems and methods of doing everything, from the pouring to the packing. However, after a particularly manic Christmas 2019, where the business saw a huge increase in orders, there are now more people involved. The team at The Little Wax Company is small and very hard-working, with Amy and Marc committed to hiring local to the area.

Family Run Business

It’s very much a family affair

It’s very much a family affair, as Amy’s husband Marc, who she describes as her biggest supporter, looks after the financial side of the business. Despite this, he is not averse to rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck into packing boxes when things are busy! Taighlor, Amy’s daughter is also just as involved as she was there the first time they made a wax melt together, having spent the entire summer working full time for the business. When Amy’s sister Sarah was out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she also joined the team working part time looking after admin and customer care.

Even little, Ella who’s 9, helps out tying bows at home to be attached to the The Little Wax Company diffusers. Having always loved baking, Amy has always had a creative flair and a love of making things. When she began dabbling in the world of fragrance, Amy quickly discovered it was something she had a natural talent for. This, combined with a passion for interiors, has meant that Amy’s products have always been about more than just scent. They are designed to be a beautiful addition to your home as well as setting the mood through fragrance and ambiance. One only needs to look at the selection of products on offer to see how aesthetics are just as important as what the product smells like. All the candles are made with cotton wicks and the wax is a blend of coconut oil and soy. They are also paraffin free, meaning they’re safe to incorporate into your home and lifestyle. Every single product of The Little Wax Company are hand poured on-site by Amy’s team before being packaged and sent out to customers.

We hope you love having The Little Wax Company make your home that little more luxurious, everyday.